AGAS excel at developing significant long term relationships with businesses wishing to invest in Australia's supply of premium Agri products and have over two decades experience in international agribusiness, livestock breeding and new and emerging markets.

AGAS can assist you in identifying key requirements, and sourcing the most appropriate assets. AGAS will work with you to negotiate terms, develop management strategies, breeding programs and remain with your new business to guide and advise the new business venture.

AGAS will assist with sourcing key Staff and develop and implement new management techniques drawn form comprehensive global experience.

Leveraging industry connectivity and experience, AGAS has insight into premium assets and can act as a key aggregator on investment developments.


The focus of AGAS is on long-term strategic outcomes. 

Taking Australian Agriculture to the World


Associated Logistics

Often the limiting factor in exporting products is the consistent supply of a safe and premium quality product. 

AGAS can work with the client to identify key areas of restriction and develop programs to smooth out supply chain limitations.

These may include producers, transport providers, processors or key personnel

Processing Facilitiesfor beef and lamb meat products.

AGAS will source the most appropriate processing facilities for beef and lamb and work with the client to guide and advise on implementation strategies, new developments and key efficiencies.

Processing Facilities-for Dairy and Dairy products.

Through tight industry connections, AGAS can source optimum Dairy farms and Dairy processing facilities in key locations throughout Australia and work with the client to create export strategies and efficiencies.

Livestock Properties​both large properties as well as smaller, premium farms can be sourced before the entire the market. Efficiencies in aggregation of several holdings can be made by AGAS through our trustworthy network.

Key Properties includes:

   Beef Cattle breeding and fattening properties in northern, Central and Southern Australia

   Sheep grazing properties for meat or wool production 

   Cereal Grain farming property including irrigated cropping

   Lifestyle Properties, ideally located with little maintenance