Taking Australian Agriculture to the World

Utilising Australia's finest Quarantine Export facilities, AGAS can assure the client that semen and embryos collected are of the highest quality possible.

State-of-the-art housing, facilities and laboratory ensure that livestock are catered for in every possible way.

With strategic partners, AGAS focus on the custom collection of frozen semen and embryos for export to most countries around the world and will work with the client to develop the optimum methods of transport, storage and training for artificial breeding.


AGAS has vast experience with the live export of premium quality breeding animals and will work with the client to assure that all quarantine and export is carried out as efficiently and humanly as possible.

AGAS specialise in the live export of high-value livestock and can cater for large and small breeding bulls, cows, sheep goats and buffalo, and has a strong track record of high quality service.


With over 20 years experience in the international animal breeding industry, AGAS is ideally placed to guide and supply clients with the most appropriate livestock genetics from all breeds of beef Cattle, Meat Sheep and Boer Goats.

AGAS can leverage strong connections to access the very best dairy genetics for export and ensure that only the most appropriate genetics are used in each breeding program.

AGAS ia able to draw on a large cross-section of beef Cattle Breeds to suit the clients' needs.

Frozen Semen and embryos can be shipped efficiently around the world through our network of quarantine and export associates.


Australian livestock genetics are the envy of the world. 

Being a predominantly Grass-Fed production system, Australian livestock have been selected to perform in harsh environments and without the support of supplementary feed, making them efficient, productive and very hardy. Ideal for new and emerging markets.