Taking Australian Agriculture to the World

Premium quality beef and lamb products are highly sought after and having  the right connectivity in the marketplace can mean the difference between winning a deal or losing important customers.

AGAS works with your business to identify key requirements and assists you with the development of a long-term strategy to access premium quality Beef and Lamb form safe and reliable Australian producers.

We work with your company to develop solid relationships built on mutual trust to maintain a strong supply chain and can help with the development of Premium Branded Beef and Lamb Products.

AGAS has developed strong and unique connections throughout Australia's livestock industry and can source finished livestock for processing, the supply of quarter carcase or boxed beef and lamb.


Australia is well positioned to apply a consistent supply of high quality cattle for the live export trade. 

The majority of these cattle are exported with the intention of going on to be finished in their country of destination.

AGAS draws on it's highly qualified network of suppliers to source and supply a consistent supply of the most appropriate beef cattle for live export and with strong alliances in the live export trade, will assure safe, humane and efficient transport of your livestock to their destination. Specialising in beef & dairy cattle and buffalo.

AGAS has tight network connections with live exporters of high-value livestock for breeding purposes and can arrange the quarantine transport and Airfreight of premium livestock to almost anywhere in the world.

Dairy Exports continue to be important and AGAS can work with you to source, quarantine and export premium quality dairy cattle though a trusted network of allied partners that ensure the most efficient and trustworthy methods of business.


Australian Global Agri Solutions works with your business to identify key areas of need and source the very best and most appropriate Australian livestock and livestock products to suit your requirements.