With no rain for 10 straight weeks, selection pressure has never been more important in a beef feedstock production system. 

Selecting for traits that include feed efficiency, constitution and structural integrity come to the fore.

Red Brangus are the perfect breed for Australia's challenging climate, being ideally suited to foraging in tougher conditions while rebreeding in dry times.

10 weeks dry

the big dry increases pressure on selection traits 


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Some of the most significant take-home messages from Beef Australia 2018 Beef was the wide adoption of Sustainability as an essential framework in all sectors of the agricultural production chain. 

Beef Australia 18 was the perfect platform for the MLA to launch its Sustainability Framework Annual Update which was widely accepted as being the Global Benchmark for the application of Sustainable production systems in agriculture.


Fully tailored ESG solutions to support your business to become more efficient, compliant and profitable. 

Beef Australia 2018 Review

Sustainability goes mainstream 

It's breeding season!

Without an Autumn break in the weather, artificial insemination programs have begun at Coonabarabran to ensure cows are pregnant before the cold pinch of Winter sets in.

In one of the driest years in memory across most or the eastern states, tough selection for constitution, feed efficiencies and fertility have paid off with cows and young calves holding condition despite the horrendous dry.

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