Taking Australian Agriculture to the World

AGAS provides training and education short-course services to businesses needing certification in a range of specialised areas.

AGAS will work with your business and provide education services tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Short Course Training include;

   Animal Husbandry and Welfare

   Livestock Breeding Programs

   Organic Systems and Certification

   Animal Nutrition and Health

Australian livestock are regarded as some of the most efficient and productive. Being a predominantly grass-fed system, genetic selection for efficiency and constitution is paramount.

AGAS has developed strategic alliances with the very best livestock breeders and can supply a range of products and services to catapult new breeding programs into productivity.

   Supply of Semen and Embryos from Beef Cattle and Sheep for Export

   Quarantine Export services for custom collection of Cattle

   Live Export of high-value livestock via airfreight


Australia is one of the most efficient and productive agriculture producing countries in the world and can supply a consistent supply of high quality, safe food for export to the world.

AGAS provide due diligence and source a range of agri asset opportunities including;

   Premium livestock breeding and fattening properties for cattle and sheep

   Dairy farms and associated logistics

   Processing facilities including Feedlots, Abattoirs, and core aggregation services


Australia has some of the most sought-after livestock in the world. 

AGAS work with you to identify key areas of need and provide a fully integrated supply solution by sourcing: 

   Beef cattle for Live Export for both slaughter and breeding purposes

   Cattle, sheep and goats for processing and export of meat

   Dairy cattle for Live Export and a full range of dairy products

Leveraging decades of experience and superior connectivity, AGAS provides a premium service for optimum outcomes.

AGAS work with you to help source and supply the very best agricultural assets Australia has to offer.